Journey to the Center of Being - II Edition
The Great Human Odyssey


Facilitators: Álvaro Ferreira, Cristiano Martins and Vasco Fretes

Guest Facilitators: Frid Langsrud, Geane Bonfim, Cláudia Farinha and Ana Carina Romão 


Cicle I - Vital Unconscious 

THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE - November, 10 & 11, 2018 (Álvaro & Frid)

UNDER THE SIGN OF AFFETION - January, 12 & 13, 2019 (Vasco & Geane)

CREART - YOU - April, 13 & 14, 2019 (Cristiano & Vasco)

Cicle II - Personal Unconscious

THE ISLAND OF LOVES - June, 15 & 16, 2019 (Álvaro & Cristiano)

IDENTITY AND SELF ESTEEM - September, 14 & 15, 2019 (Vasco & Cláudia)

MINOTAUR - November, 16 & 17, 2019 (Cristiano & Álvaro)

Cicle III - Collective Unconscious 

THE AWAKENING OF THE ARCHETYPES - January, 11 & 12, 2020 (Cristiano & Ana Carina)

THE FACES OF GOD - March, 14 & 15, 2020 (Álvaro & Vasco)

PILGRIMS OF ECSTASY - May 9 & 10, 2020 (Vasco , Cristiano & Álvaro)

Detailed Information


"Feelings of inner joy, enthusiasm, existential plentyfulness, are characteristic of a vital person ... Love of Nature, ... and the bond with one's instincts are characteristic of the" ecological man." ... Quality of life does not come from social or economic success, but from the deep connection to life. " Rolando Toro Araneda, creator of Biodanza

"Do not add days to your life, but life to your days." Harry Benjamin

In this first workshop of the great Journey to the Center of Being, we will awaken the Source of Life in us. What Biodanza promotes is the awakening of life in us, bringing more strength, power, momentum, self-confidence, igniting the motivations to live and to assert ourselves in the world, while helping us to slow down, to respect the organic rhythms, to rest ... to enjoy life.

  • Connection with the root of Life

  • Joy

  • To feel myself as life

  • Music + Integrated Movement = Experience

  • The Living as Portal for the Vital Unconscious

  • From ecstasy to the harmony of intasy

  • Biocentric Principle: Universe Organized as a Function of Life


Empathy brings the ability to set boundaries in intimacy, and infeedback. The Vital unconscious is also nourished by healthy relationships. Nourishing bonding happens when it's good for all involved.

Affection is a biological need. Human life is dependent on affection and nourishment. To develop the ability to go beyond tolerance and acceptance of otherness and the different. We need to love the difference. Let us rejoice on diversity.

  • Affectivity
  • Empathy
  • Ability to set limits to what its toxic (relationships, home environments, work ...)
  • Nourishing bonding
  • To reveal myself in the space of intimacy
  • Affective equalization between giving and receiving 


To create is a natural function of the whole Living Being. A trait that refers every human to the full expression of one's potentials. Taking responsibility for the act of living is the most beautiful of all Creations. To be artists of our own existence. Making Life the greatest masterpiece (existential creativity)

  • Creative Splendor
  • Self-poeisis (giving birth to oneself)
  • Renaissance (veneration of the natural cycles Life / Death / Life)
  • Chaos to Kosmos
  • Creativity and Sacred 


"Sensuality set´s the foundation of the aesthetics of living, opening the sensibility to the coherences of existing and coexisting. By expanding the sensibility of the senses, it extends the distinctions of living in the direction of enjoyment of life in what constitutes the experience of beauty. " - Maturana and Verden-Zöller
In this workshop we propose to relive the myth of "Ilha dos Amores" [ Island of Loves ]. It is described by the poet Luís de Camões, in the epic poem "Lusíadas". Some verses tell us that the will of goddess Venus (Aphrodite) was to reward the Lusitanian heroes, after all the storms and adventures they lived, by a well-deserved rest with divine pleasures, on a paradise island in the middle of the ocean: Ilha dos Amores.
It is the reconciliation of Life with Life, the experience of transcendence through the realization of love.

  • The Cosmic Harmony revealed in the experience of human sensuality
  • The desire and the experience of pleasure as motors of the propagation of Life
  • The experience of sensuality as a biological necessity of the human species
  • Eroticism, the poetics of desire and love
  • Transcendent Ecstasy through sensual experience 


Identity is a mystery in constant revelation. It is in that revelation that we exist. Identity is us and our surroundings.
We are also fruit of nourishing human relationships (or not so much). It is on this mixture that we build a sense of esteem for ourselves and an image with the filters of the lived experiences. 

  • Identity
  • Recognition of one's own value 
  • Intensified Self-Consciousness
  • The Mystery of Being
  • Being-in-the-World (Dasein)
  • To be as Becoming (coming-to-Be)
  • Cosmic Identity / Living Hologram 


The Minotaur Project was born out of the need to overcome our existential fears. The Minotaur symbolizes the wild, instinctive aspect of our primordial force. The labyrinth symbolizes the inner path, our conflicts, our doubts, fears and contemporary enigmas. To deal with these fears, the Minotaur Project - which includes a series of challenges in a mythical context - leads one to face his/her own inner Minotaur without, however, cloistering or killing him as a Greek hero would.
The proposal is to become allies of our Minotaur, rescuing him.

  • To re-write my Personal Myth 

  • Existential Courage 

  • The Vital Power in the Center of the Labyrinth 

  • Rescue of the Minotaur 

  • Ariadne's Thread - Structured Affective Containment 


Archetypes are a set of psychic images present in the Collective Unconscious and genetically inherited. It is the inaugural Heritage of Humanity, or as Carl Gustav Jung said "the DNA of the Human soul". We might say that they are the psychological equivalent of Instinct. When we dance an archetype, we are blending it deeply with our Humanity, until such time as it can allow the revelation of our singular qualities.
"A warrior is not about perfection, or victory, or invulnerability. He's about absolute vulnerability. That's the only true courage." - Nick Nolte, Peaceful Warrior

  • If There are as many paths to God as the number of souls on earth., as Rumi says, We chose to dance !!!
  • King as a mediator, a bridge, an agent of synthesis, able to marry Heaven and Earth in the tabernacle of the heart. 


An approach inspired by religions. God or Goddess exist? And Who is God or Goddess? Is there only one God, or several gods? Which are the "true ones"?
The History of Religions, Anthropology, and the study of Mythology (and our own human experience) show us that there are many concepts about divinity. The word God symbolizes divinities, deities in general - has its origin in the Latin Latin term God, meaning deity.
There are several philosophies and beliefs about this concept: Deism; Pantheism, Polytheism, Animism ...

  • The Faces of God (Gods and Goddesses of the World)
  • Numinous (the possibility of the "Mystic Bliss")
  • Axis-Mundi (The Marriage between Heaven and Earth)
  • Mechanisms of Action of Transcendence
  • The Divine Glory (Expansion of Consciousness)


We are Beings of openness in all directions. The Earth and the Heavens are populated with infinite sweetness. We are walking Beings who exchange and continually interact with the Whole. In our power resides the choice to live in a grandiose way, assuming our entire OntoCosmological dimension, or to live in the a way of existential poverty!
We are Beings who were born to shine and to enjoy all the possibilities of this unique opportunity of Being Life. Our Invitation is to be able to bring to the skin, to the organs and to our feelings the opportunity to recognize ourselves as Creators and Creatures of this Expansive Universe  

  • Celebration of Life
  • Contemplation of the Mystery of Existence
  • Connected Existence to the Pleasure of Being
  • Experience of the BioOntoCosmological Identity 


- Indicated for students in a Regular Group (so that the workshops are harmonized with your weekly facilitator)

- There are limited number of registrations (to preserve group intimacy)

- All cycles are progressive and complementary (Biodanza is procedural and progressive)

- The first 4 workshops will be open as well as the 7th workshop (the 1st of the Collective Unconscious). All others are closed, that is, only for those who attended at least one of the previous ones

- The suggestion is to participate in the 3 complete cycles because they travel through all the scope of the Human Identity

- Schedules - Saturdays from 11am to 7pm and Sundays from 10am to 6pm, with preparatory theory, dance, and 2 hours for lunch (so there can happen depth, but, also, harmonization during the weekend)

- Location - Rua do Centro Cultural nº27, 2º floor, Alvalade, Lisboa

- Very favorable conditions for those who register early for the three complete cycles

- There are payment facilities

- More information contact: